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Man heard the oR forum is making a comeback. Dan is still a bender. Brim is still shit and isn't allowed on very often *whipping noises* Luck is experiencing companionship for the first time, so is never on either. Cookie is still about but contemplates suicide for every waking moment of his life. Maki is a sad dutch bastard trying to hang out with the cool kids. All in all. Life Tastes Good. oR


 Revolution Factor

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PostSubject: Revolution Factor   Revolution Factor EmptyWed 25 Aug 2010, 12:17

Hello everyone, hope you guys are interested and would like to join this website. If you join this website then we are also looking for staff on all PS3 arenas so if you think you would do a good job then just get on and apply.

http://revolutionfactor.com Another Gaming Competition site. The difference between this site and the others is that you do not have to fill out long applications to play. This gaming site is not just for League Of Legends but for a large variety of games. What we can offer you(the LoL community) is a safe,reliable, and quality matches. In addition to that you can win riot points(the ability to redeem riot point codes that Revolution Factor purchases).

Q: How does Revolution Factor benefit from running free tournaments?
A: Companies/Sponsors pay us to display their logos on the website. The more traffic that comes in means the more the companies/sponsors will pay out.

Q: How will this benefit the LoL Community?
A: Rules and Regulations help prevent you from playing against/with people that leave games on purpose. Disallowing people that leave games intentionally will help this.

Q: How do we receive the codes?
A: After the tournaments are played the teams will be contacted by a Site Administrator from Revolution Factor. Each active player on the team will then be given the individual code so they can redeem them.

Q: How do we know RevolutionFactor.com is safe?
A: We use advance web development technology from allowing hackers to bypass the code to access your personal information. All information from RevolutionFactor.com is only to be used for Revolution Factor's use. Never will Revolution Factor give companies or individuals information without consent of the user.

Q: How new is Revolution Factor?
A: Revolution Factor officially launches on 8/28/2010. What we will do is for the users/clans that register before the 28th will receive special RevolutionFactor credits. What you will be able to do with these credits are the ability to enter in Premium Tournaments. Revolution Factor Credits are equivalent to the U.S. Dollar.

If you have any more questions please feel free to respond to this topic or email me at: chris@revolutionfactor.com.

We look forward to providing the LoL Community with fun and exciting tournaments all year around.
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PostSubject: Re: Revolution Factor   Revolution Factor EmptyTue 14 May 2013, 12:47

You are a cunt
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Revolution Factor
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